Frequently Asked Questions

Brand licensing is an agreement between two or more companies for mutually beneficial establishment of a business without any significant investment. A beneficiary company can commercially use intellectual property of the parent company to grow and widen the business. It includes renting and leasing intangible assets to stand out from the competition and drive sales through collaboration.

FTV has a geographical presence in more than 195 countries that is growing each day. Using brand license provided by FTV will allow you to attract the loyal customer base developed by Fashion over the years. It can be a convenient medium to drive sales and enhance reach without incurring any risk. Apart from that, you will get 360-degree support from Fashion TV in order to accomplish your business goals.

You can get in touch with our customer assistance by clicking here or in the contact us section of our website, and expect a call from the concerned department within 24 Hours for a detailed breakdown of possible opportunities. Or enquiry on our instagram page in the bio.

Every brand has a unique requirement that needs to be met. After a detailed analysis of your prerequisite, we will guide you through to options available. At Fashion TV, we do not have a strict criteria to adhere to. We will help you understand your requirements and come at a middle ground prioritizing the budget and scalability.

Fashion TV has a significant name in the industry and does not collaborate with every other organization. We run a quality test and inspect everything from idea to vision of a company to move ahead with the agreement.

In an ever-changing world, it has become significantly impossible for new companies to create a name in the industry. With brand licensing one can eliminate risk to huge financial loss, get direction, and expand customer base. Apart from that, brand licensing has an agreement period that a beneficiary can utilize to check on their growth scale. Hence, it is always advantageous to opt for brand licensing.