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Our Philosophy


To make FashionTV the leading business brand by outspreading with an exceptional business module and expansion plans globally.


Establish FashionTV as the global entity to refine lifestyles through synergy, hard work and ingenuity.


To become a Business Mogul in the international market through numerous business segments in various industry sectors in partnership with our associates.



Kashiff Khan's curious and business savvy mind, unrivalled leadership skills along with a powerful drive to succeed have always kept him on the lookout for the next big thing along with some promising plans in the pipeline for the future of FashionTV.

He has now also turned into a Venture Capitalist, partnering up with numerous start-ups aspiring to guide, support and nurture them for mutual benefits.


Awards & Achievement

From a workday salesperson to becoming the Managing Director of FashionTV, a global fashion and lifestyle media brand, Kashiff Khan has reached the top of the game. He is considered an entrepreneurial trailblazer in the fashion and business world by curating an unparalleled business model by setting up numerous business verticals across the nation. Moreover, under his leadership, he helped FashionTV India bag the Licensor of the Year Award at the Star Retailer Awards 2019.


Work Experience

Before venturing on his exciting journey of entrepreneurship, Kashiff Khan gained experience working in an Indian MNC SFA, where he started off as a mere sales executive and eventually rose to become the Director On Board of the same company.

He is now a knowledgeable titan in OTT and broadcast while birthing new concepts for business ideas and development in the wellness, beauty, fitness, print and channel broadcast syndication and a master of communication.